Some Projects

CSharp Chat

"CSharp Chat" is an instant messaging application (client/server), developed in C#, implementing a it's own protocol using sockets. The server allows you to configure the gateway, connecting limited/unlimited clients, control users, logs, etc. On the client allows public and private conversation, selection of the user photo, definition of status (online, busy, be right back, away, etc.), logs.

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Dreamsie -

Dreamsie is a virtual whiteboard for sharing dreams, ideas, interests and things you like.
Dreamsie is a virtual whiteboard that lets you organize and share all the things you can find on the Internet or have in your computer and like.
Use Dreamsie to plan events, decorate your house, share a picture of that object that you love, your dreams and ideas.
Browse the albums shared by other users and discover new and interesting things from people with similar interests and tastes.
Organize and share in your albums.

Available at


"Battleship" is an JAVA implementation of the battleship paper game to play online with other players.

Server: (temporarily unavailable)
Port: 10000

Download at

Descobre as Diferenças

"Descobre as diferenças" is a game similar to the well known "Find-it". It was completely developed in Java, which allows it to run on different platforms.

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