Some Projects

Dreamsie -

Dreamsie is a virtual whiteboard for sharing dreams, ideas, interests and things you like.
Dreamsie is a virtual whiteboard that lets you organize and share all the things you can find on the Internet or have in your computer and like.
Use Dreamsie to plan events, decorate your house, share a picture of that object that you love, your dreams and ideas.
Browse the albums shared by other users and discover new and interesting things from people with similar interests and tastes.
Organize and share in your albums.

Available at


"Klick2Klean" is a game developed entirely in Java, where the goal is to eliminate as many squares together with the same color as possible.

To play visit

Tests for Vocational Guidance

"Tests for Vocational Guidance" is an application developed for the Android platform, which enables to perform a vocational orientation test. Built for the company Bioplus.

Driving Licence Tests - desktop application

Based on tests of the same site, a program was developed to allow solve free tests of the code of the road without being connected to the Internet.

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